A Guide to Discover a Great Karaoke Machine

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A karaoke machine is really a system where amateur singers can sing along with music, sing into a microphone and often following words on a screen. Some machines are similar to DVD players or regular CD players, although some may feature all-in-one components that are included with built-in speakers, a small lyrics monitor, microphones and a multi-format music playing component. The price of karaoke systems ranges from $30 to $2,000.

So which systems increasingly becoming the most buzz? The $60 doPi Karaoke "Party in the Pod" system can turn a video iPod right into a karaoke machine. Consumers will also get a microphone, a mixer box with two inputs, echo effect, video in/out ports and all cables required to connect a music player for the box, plugging in the wall. An audio lesson card incorporates three free downloads and a lot of karaoke songs come with video too. This product, that is featured by InStyle, People, Seventeen, WIRED, Mac Life, iLounge, FHM and Entertainment Magazine, as well as Hi America as well as the Early Show, can be bought at Dopikaraoke.

For consumers who does rather not buy a bulky karaoke machine to try more space in the lounge, The Leadsinger Microphone LS-3000 (offered by Leadsinger) features a built-in processor capable of storing 300 karaoke hits, although additional song cartridges can also be purchased. Singers simply plug the microphone into their televisions, choose the song and watch the high-resolution graphics and highlighted lyrics on their own screens. For $149, this affordable karaoke option would be great for kids and teens who love "American Idol."

The $199 Singing Machine Pedestal CDG Karaoke system supplies a more professional singing and recording experience compared to average karaoke machine. As well as having two microphones, it also features a built-in camera so singers can watch on their own the recording monitor. Additionally, the RCA output allows singers the opportunity to tape themselves on a VCR or DVD recorder at the same time.

Unlike others which are all-vocals or no-vocals, this device includes Auto Voice Control and so the vocals are eliminated if the singer begins to sing and returns in the event the singer stops singing. This function is ideal for practicing a brand new song. Functions just for this CD/CD G player include key, echo, balance and pitch control. iPod-compatible systems also exists for $249.
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